Saturday, February 7, 2009

pink sugar lumps

It's strange how art school is supposed to spark creativity, when i feel like what it's doing is taking all my time away from making what i actually want. all these good ideas and no time. hmm!

you can watch some wonderful criterion collection movies here for FREE if you didn't already know! kyle and i were excited to find that yesterday.


what's with these pictures all over facebook of girls kissing each other?!?!


Jennifer said...

Great photos! Love the skirt!

Anonymous said...

sugar lumps!? they look so cute

this is chelsea fyiiiiiiiiii

i deleted my myspace haaa but kept this

kristin renner said...

hi there! I randomly came across your blog, i think through lookbook? but, just wanted to say I completely agree and understand what you mean regarding school. I studied fashion design for 3 years and always felt like while I was there, I was making less than before I started school!
anywhos, cute blog im kristin btw.