Wednesday, September 5, 2012

from spring

Some photo's my talented friend David shot of me earlier this year.

It was so cold before summer, and now in September it's still crazy hot! I'm looking forward to fall for layering, hot drinks, and cozy mornings in bed. Of course I think that now, but when the snow comes I'm sure I'll be feeling quite the opposite. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

I'm addicted too.

(brigitte drawing, neighbor's pretty flowers, freshly letterpressed prints for my newest book, my one and only favorite balm, sweet palmer, and trying to learn new hair styles)

I never had a fancy phone until my mom kindly gifted me an iphone for college graduation, and obviously I've been bitten by the instagram bug. Follow me there if you'd like, my user name is helloashleymoe .

 I haven't updated often for a few reasons:
1. I want to change the name of this blog (feeling a bit tired of sleepyfawn...maybe a bit too cutesy I guess). Trying to decide between just using my name for more professional purposes, or choosing a new name. Any thoughts?
2. Lack of internet in my new apartment!
3. I really dislike the new blogspot changes. I can't even figure out how to change type size or read the blogs I follow. Ahh!

However, I do have lots to share! My senior project, my fellowship work at the Minnesota Center for Book arts, and a few photo shoots. Also thinking of doing some simple printmaking and bookbinding tutorials... what do you think?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

somebunny new





The very best thing about moving into our new apartment-- getting Palmer, our new little bunny!
He's equally mischievous as he is cute. I will have to fight myself to keep this from becoming a bunny blog from now on, but expect to see much more of him!

Also working on many projects, in between ooing and ahhing over Palmer. Kyle has been such a help with setting up my new studio area, many pictures to come.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

audrey grace boutique online shop!






Styled by myself and Jaclyn Bethany, Shot by myself and David Mendolia, film by Kyle Moe.
Dresses by Nadinoo, Wayward Daughter, Alice Nightingale, and Lauren Moffat. The star dress is vintage. All for Audrey Grace Boutique.

Hello everyone!
I bet you thought I forgot about this little blog, but really I've been quite busy with things I will share with you. I graduated from college last month, and many exciting things are already happening!

I had been planning something with Audrey Grace Boutique for quite some time, and had the lovely opportunity to try on some of beautiful dresses from her shop. My pal talented David Mendolia photographed, I shot some polaroids, and Kyle filmed to highlight some pieces for the online opening of Audrey Grace Boutique.

I promise to update more frequently from forever on!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

so what

Kyle and I are on spring break, but it's been rather chilly and gloomy. I'm dreaming of this summer, when I'll be done with school forever, with the sun shining and trumpets playing and continual celebration. Thinking of life after graduation, I'm so ready for taking on my own projects, working with others, and at least a bit of that much desired free time.

Today I'm feeling a bit of an inspiration/writer's block for a book I'm desperately trying to start and complete (about some rebellious girls). What do you do when you're stuck? I have my methods but they're not working today.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

cry cry cry

A few new things from my journal. If you're interested in french new wave cinema, I need your help! I'm gathering screen shots of those lovely ladies crying for a new book I'm making. I already have one of Anna Karina and Brigitte Bardot. Do you know of any other crying scenes?
I might extend the project to include ladies from other new wave cinema movements, outside of french.
This week has been busy with MN fashion week and learning letterpress (so exciting!), but maybe I can squeeze in time to watch some old favorites for crying moments. Please let me know if there's a great one you can think of!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

every girl longs to be a rebel

(drawing, before it became a screen print)

Boys can hit and cuss and make complete fools of themselves, just to fill an expectation.
Girls seldom have chances to be rebels, but I think we all slightly long for it.
I thought I was dangerous when I was little just for jumping off high places or lighting the smallest of fires. Is that what you did, also?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I don't really know much about cosmetics, but I do know the allure of a nice package. Kyle got me a few Chanel items for our anniversary, and now I'm feeling quite Chanel obsessed. No matter the product, there's something irresistible about that name, in it's beautiful capital type. Maybe it's just the history of chanel and all the lovely faces that wear it. The little dior 'garden clutch' is a gift from my mom for my birthday. The pallet inside is nice, but the outside is just perfect. What do you find irresistibly pretty?

Sunday, January 8, 2012







hello! My favorite month has come and gone. Christmas, my birthday (I turned 23), and new years...december is definitely the best month there is. And even better, mine and Kyle's anniversary is next week! I feel badly for him because he has to find so many gifts in such a sort amount of time...but so far so good (like that banner and perfect kitten calendar from catbird).

You can view kyle's short that I posted about last time, here.