Tuesday, December 29, 2009

ooo it's a vid post!

As promised, here's what I've recieved for Christmas, or purchased shortly after!

Chanel biography
Lolita- I'm on page 25 and love it so far.
The Aesop For Children with illustrations
Beret with bow from UO
Heart tights from UO
KORRES lip butter in Pomegranate- best lip product I've ever had! I never wear color on my lips but this is really light and feels so nice.
Dumpling Dynasty Beauty Kit (then I show a mirror from inside the kit)
Powder blue 20ish hat from UO
Rodarte for Target dress!

I think the thing I was most excited to get was the Rodarte dress, since I had anticipated it for so long. The top mesh part is kind of itchy to me, and when you move around the fabric wrinkles and makes your skin look all old and creepy. I love the rest of it though! What was your favorite gift?

here's a teeeny snippet of a video we're making, featuring some really adorable clothes from 1918 vintage.

Tomorrow is my 21st birthday. Kyle says he has a surprise to reveal to me tonight so I'm very, very excited.

I'm not sure what we're going to do..maybe ride the new train! I supposed it depends on what the surprise is. hmmmm...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

fashion films

vanessa bruno

erin fetherston


lula mag// top shop

orla kiely

I love little fashion films so much. Above are some of my favorites!
Stay tuned because kyle & I are making one of these very very soon (:

I hope everyone had the most wonderful christmas! Kyle and I had a lot of fun opening gifts under our little tree. I'll post what he got me later.

Winter break is the best break of all time.

Monday, December 21, 2009


(my final color photo project-- viewing the large size is much better)

so many more posts soon! Kyle and I are back from his parents house, so I have free time galore. So much to show you!
What are you hoping to get for christmas? I'm getting so excited.

Friday, December 11, 2009

oh hello!

wowowowow it's been ages since my last post! I apologize but this past week was my last for the school semester, so I've been crazy busy with final projects. Today is one of the best days of the year, being the beginning of winter break.
I have so many new projects, I don't know where to begin posting! I'm so tired though and have to get up early, so I'll just show you one of my newest projects for now:

This is a dress I made for my Lithography final, made from crepe paper with lithography print. It's wearable!, but pretty difficult to move around in without it tearing.

♥ ☆

Sweet Roxanne tagged me for this. Sorry it's taken me a bagillion years to do!

1.Where is your phone? in my school bag
2.Your hair? Is wet and in a towel! One time I had it like this (as I always do after taking a shower) and was sitting indian style on the floor, and Kyle thought I was an indian man with a turban on!!
3.Your Mother? I miss her!
4.Your Father? looks like he should be in a western film.
5.Your favourite food? I reeally love white pizza with alfredo sauce, and I love guacamole.
6.Your dream last night? I don't remember it, which is strange because I usually do! I can tell you something funny Kyle did though-- I woke up to hearing him say "I can't reach it", as he lifted his hand in the air. He then started rubbing the side table lamp, and said "must use the force", and then grabbed my head! hahahha
7.Your favourite drink? Most definitely bubble tea. It's hard to choose a specific flavor, but I'd say it's between taro and honeydew, cold and with pearls.
8.Your dream/goal? to own a pet deer.
9.What room are you in? living room
10.Your hobbie? sewing, galloping around town
11.Your fear? grasshoppers and creepy creepsters in the dark by my apartment
(12. is missing)
13.Where were you last night? at home working super super hard for my last final projects! ugghh thank God they're over!
14.Something that your not? loud
15.Muffins? delicious!
16.Wishlist item? theeeese shoes from UO, and big scarves to keep away the freezing minneapolis wind.
17.Where did you grow up? Kansas City, MO area
18.Last thing you did? ate some puppy chow (not the dog food, the delicious treat!!)
19.What are you wearing? a striped night shirt thing and turquoise slippers!
20.Your TV? is on right now...Kyle and I are sort of watching broke back mountain for the first time and it's sort of awkward haha
21.Your pets? none right now :(. Poncho pup lives at home with my parents, and we can't have animals in our apartment. We're adopting a greyhound asap!
22.Friends? live far away
23.Your life? insanely busy until now. (I love winter break).
24.Your mood? umm? good !
25.Missing someone? yes I miss my friends in KC and my family always
26.Vehicle? is kyle's and smells really good due to a plethora of new car scent air fresheners.
27.Something your not wearing? pants! but not in a creepy way haha
28.Your favourite store? ooo geeze that's hard. I really love going into Anthropologie, not only because of the clothes but because of the loooovveeelly displays.
29.Your Favourite colour? pale pink, light grey
30.When was the last time you laughed? ten minutes or so ago
31.The last time you cried? someone in my photo class accidentally crushed my knee cap during critique yesterday, and I held back my tears but I'm pretty sure one rolled out!
32.Your best friend? my husband
33.One place that I go to over and over? school because I have to haha. And tea garden.
34.Facebook? is majorly distracting
35.Favourite place to eat? chipotle!


Kyle and I are going to Spearfish, SD tomorrow for a week to visit his parents. It has beautiful mountains and we pass a giant jackalope! I'll post lots of pictures and more of my final projects when we get back! I'm also thinking of doing something crazy like dying my hair blonde on something.
Are you venturing anywhere for winter break?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

silk bows and puppy dogs

These are some pages from a book I created of a made up person (I named her Ruby Swanson), who (fictionally) made this scrapbook in the 1930's-40's. I used found photographs and added text, ribbons, etc. I'm pretty pleased with the result! Also, my new header is my most recent lithograph using photo plates and three colors.
The 40's is such a fascinating decade to me historically. I wish that we still had as much love for our country as americans did then, and people still went dancing instead of grinding for fun. The women of that time must have been so brave, with their dashing boyfriends and such going to war. It certainly must have made everyone appreciate and cherish each other much more.

While getting supplies for this project, I saw the cutest paper toothfairy costume hat, made in the 1920's...I just had to make my own.

beam bew bew!
beam beam beam!

Now I must find out-- what is your favorite holiday dessert?
I'm making a delicious treat to bring to kyle's grandma's house for Thanksgiving, and it has to be perfect so we can prove ourselves as not being babies haha.
I've always loved a pumpkin roll because that's what my mom made every year, so I'm thinking of making that, although our kitchen it so small it might be difficult. I'm also thinking about making truffles! Who doesn't love those?

Saturday, October 31, 2009

winking fawn



top three taken with a pentax k1000. more on my flickr.

I feel really homesick today and I'm not sure why.
Have a lovely, ghoully halloween!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

one with stripes, one spotted

burr burr burr burr burr. Minneapolis is cold land, USA.
Last weekend I flew to Portland, OR and saw some family who are much too far away. The town is so wonderful and the weather was nearly perfect...I wish it was closer.
My brother showed me this really neat huge, huge book store. It's the largest in America, taking up six blocks! I bought Silent World by Jaques Cousteau, and touched some pretty pricey reads. Kyle would have gone craaazy.

what's your favorite town? I haven't been to many so I don't have a lot of choices.
I love kansas city, because it's my home...but portland fantastic. Oh and DC is really pretty, too.
I think if I could visit more towns, I think I'd really love smaller towns in france.

Monday, September 21, 2009

I want butterfly mornings and wild flower afternoons

hemingway exploring

_____________butterfly forest
a lovely day with my prince.

remember book: 43

43 has been my favorite number for as long as I can remember having one.
my mom used to get home from work at 4:30 when I was in elementary school, and I loved her
so much that 4:30 was my favorite time, and 43 my favorite number.

do you have a favorite number?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

with cocoa leaves around the border sweetness sings from every corner

I'm making a little keepsake/scrapbook for my Ideation & Process class of things that I want to remember when I'm older. I'm not planning on losing my memory, but I think it'll be nice to have this book to look back on and see what I was like. I wish my mom would have kept a book like this, because it's always so much fun to see old photos and interests of those who lived in a different time than yourself.
The above picture is the cover, and I have 6 pages so far. I think I'll start including a page each post here ...or you could cheat and view my flickr, where I've already uploaded some of the pages I have.

Do you keepsake? What do you like to keep?

Thursday, September 10, 2009


taken with a pentax k1000 with kodak portra nc film.

day dream

i've been forgetting to mention my interview on this lovely site.
Taylor, the girl who interviewed me and created the site, is so so sweet and inspiring.
Her site's moto is "find beauty in everything" and encourages young girls not to conform
to what the world says is beautiful and to find beauty in yourself.
Be sure to check it out for fashion, art, and more interviews!

Monday, August 31, 2009


mekyle_photostrip1 ____________________ mekyle_photostip2___________

(top two: me and kyle at the minnesota state fair. last: my grandma when she was around 12)

I don't know these couples, but we found these lovely photographs at an antique store last month and I wish they could double date with us!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

softly sparkling

softly sparkling dreaming deer.
video made from my new Nikon D5000, just testing it out. I love the camera so far!
Last weekend I took photos for a family friend's wedding and the camera was awesome for the job. I still have my D50 with a broken auto focus, if anyone is interested in buying it!

school has started now.... goodbye summer magic.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

floral patterns, trains, and plastic kittens and horses, of course.
Summertime shouldn't end so quickly!