Wednesday, February 22, 2012

cry cry cry

A few new things from my journal. If you're interested in french new wave cinema, I need your help! I'm gathering screen shots of those lovely ladies crying for a new book I'm making. I already have one of Anna Karina and Brigitte Bardot. Do you know of any other crying scenes?
I might extend the project to include ladies from other new wave cinema movements, outside of french.
This week has been busy with MN fashion week and learning letterpress (so exciting!), but maybe I can squeeze in time to watch some old favorites for crying moments. Please let me know if there's a great one you can think of!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

every girl longs to be a rebel

(drawing, before it became a screen print)

Boys can hit and cuss and make complete fools of themselves, just to fill an expectation.
Girls seldom have chances to be rebels, but I think we all slightly long for it.
I thought I was dangerous when I was little just for jumping off high places or lighting the smallest of fires. Is that what you did, also?