Sunday, November 22, 2009

silk bows and puppy dogs

These are some pages from a book I created of a made up person (I named her Ruby Swanson), who (fictionally) made this scrapbook in the 1930's-40's. I used found photographs and added text, ribbons, etc. I'm pretty pleased with the result! Also, my new header is my most recent lithograph using photo plates and three colors.
The 40's is such a fascinating decade to me historically. I wish that we still had as much love for our country as americans did then, and people still went dancing instead of grinding for fun. The women of that time must have been so brave, with their dashing boyfriends and such going to war. It certainly must have made everyone appreciate and cherish each other much more.

While getting supplies for this project, I saw the cutest paper toothfairy costume hat, made in the 1920's...I just had to make my own.

beam bew bew!
beam beam beam!

Now I must find out-- what is your favorite holiday dessert?
I'm making a delicious treat to bring to kyle's grandma's house for Thanksgiving, and it has to be perfect so we can prove ourselves as not being babies haha.
I've always loved a pumpkin roll because that's what my mom made every year, so I'm thinking of making that, although our kitchen it so small it might be difficult. I'm also thinking about making truffles! Who doesn't love those?