Monday, January 18, 2010

marvelous things

dear friends,
I appreciate all of your lovely comments and each new follower. I love you!
I want to do some sort of give away, but I'm not sure what to give. Maybe an embroidery?

Tomorrow, second semester of school begins. Today, I want to do anything/everything relaxing before becoming overwhelmed in classwork.
I'm thinking book reading, magazine page flipping, tea sipping, and letter writing.
Speaking of letter writing, the one shown in the polaroid above was written to Eleanor Roosevelt from my grandfather's first wife in 1943. The opening paragraph says:
" Dear Madam:
During these busy times, it is with much reluctance that I approach you upon a personal matter of such volume, but believing that you, like myself, feel that each and every American citizen is entitled to justice (if need be, tempered with mercy) I am taking the liberty of inquiring if something cannot be done about the case which I shall attempt to describe and which attached photostats cover, subject shown above."
My grandfather spent his whole life writing to the government, trying to get his named cleared from something he didn't do (it would really make a marvelous film!). I love that people used to actually get replies from the president or first lady, like my grandfather did. Today it seems that we're so far detached from our president, I'd never in a million years expect a handwritten reply, or for my letter to even be read. But I guess one could never know!

my friend meg, from 1918 vintage, has a new wonderful blog, and is having a really, really fantastic giveaway.
check it out!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

disposable and instant

taken with a disposable camera and fuji instax 7S.

kyle and I had our 2 year anniversary last monday, and then later in the week we made a quick trip to kansas city for a few days. We saw wonderful friends and family, acquired lovely vintage hats, a guitar for kyle, and walked outside with no coats or bundles of layers.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

à joue contre joue

the blue coat is meant to be this lovely one, by vivetta. I want those little kitty pockets so badly.

it's terribly cold in minneapolis, all i can do is stay inside and dream of the day when kyle says
"honey, we're moving to california!"
but not a gross part of calfornia. a nice part. by the beach and sea lions.

I added a formspring box over there > on my side bar. ask me anything!
it's anonymous.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

castles and curls

& curls

castle time


new year
(just a wee bit late).

What I'd like to do in 2010:

Organize and keep track of my inspirations
Learn how to knit
Perfect my french
Get accepted to a study abroad program
Wake up earlier
Mail more letters
Start selling items in my etsy shop
Read the bible everyday
Do something really different to my hair (any suggestions?)
Be more adventurous
Read more
Eat as much local & organic food as possible (after seeing Food Inc., it makes me so weary of regular food)
Take ballet classes
Learn an instrument
Take a photo every day
Make girl friends