Saturday, January 2, 2010

castles and curls

& curls

castle time


new year
(just a wee bit late).

What I'd like to do in 2010:

Organize and keep track of my inspirations
Learn how to knit
Perfect my french
Get accepted to a study abroad program
Wake up earlier
Mail more letters
Start selling items in my etsy shop
Read the bible everyday
Do something really different to my hair (any suggestions?)
Be more adventurous
Read more
Eat as much local & organic food as possible (after seeing Food Inc., it makes me so weary of regular food)
Take ballet classes
Learn an instrument
Take a photo every day
Make girl friends


la fille dans la forêt said...

You're so beautiful! I love the embroidery.

ps: I should definitely add making girl friends to my list of resolutions. I spend every day with the same four boys. (my boyfriend and our three male cats)

M. said...

I love your embroidery, thats my newest craft I've started hopefully I can be as great as you!
Mailing more letters is an amazing resolution, I absolutely love getting mail, and sending it but it never happens anymore


Taylor Kitto said...

those sound like wonderful goals! we have very similar ones!
good luck :)

Miss Minx said...

I love your embroidery. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think your hair is quite lovely the way it is ♥
the embroidery is just magical. A little cross stitched castle sounds utterly delightful right now ♥

Madi said...

You have an etsy shop?! What's your username?

ps i like your resolutions and curled hair :)

alissa said...

love the hair - perhaps for your something dramatic you could get like a perm wave a la Deep in Vogue?

ps. i've mentioned you on a recent favorite bloggers post!

Lux Star Cake said...

such a lovely list! and your pictures are beautiful

Dream ChYmEc!nDy** said...

Good luck for those goals dear.

Kennedy said...

youve got the dreamiest head of hair ever <3

lsa said...

my goals are pretty similar to yours this year except i try not to think of it as a goal but more of a process getting there. food inc! yes, have you read "fast food nation"? it makes me think twice before eating anything now. as far as your hair, i think it looks lovely. i wouldn't cut it since i like long hair. maybe you could dye your hair a different color or add highlights? i'd like to make more girl friends too! too bad the girls i know online who share so much in common with me like yourself live too far away. i hope you excel in everything you do :)

Lazzenia said...

Your hair is so lovely that way. Maybe you could turn it jus a little redder so that you look slightly ginger :)
Good luck with your goals :)

stephanie renee said...

you hair is so lovely! i am so glad i found your blog, you have great style

chelseybell. said...

lovely set of goals :).

Taylor Norris said...

here's a hair idea: an asymmetrical bob! i have very similar hair to yours and last year i got an asymmetrical bob, the left was up to my chin and the right came down to my collar bone. you'll love it!

anna elsa said...

hi hi i am "following" you! appropriate blog lingo..
so you know, i think your hair is the loveliest very very pretty. but also i'm reeal familiar with wanting a big change, hair-wise. follow your heart (:
ps- lovely blog always. so so nice !

Saoirse said...

your blog is the most darling blog i've ever seen!

Camille said...

lovely embroidery! Well I think your hair is beautiful the way it is, but sometimes change is good too, maybe going short? :)

xo, C.

raita 2 said...

oh my, i love the atmosphere in these pictures, and you're pretty! :)


lauren, said...

Hi Ashley, I've been following your blog for a while, and think you're just extraordinary. I got my boyfriend a ukulele for Christmas. It's lightweight, only has four strings, and isn't too hard of an instrument to learn! I was wondering who the author of that Chanel biography of yours is. I'd like to search it out for myself. I hope you're having a wonderful day, lady. <3

Maria Confer said...

Such stunning photos.

Lulu Letty

chris is short said...

Hmm, maybe I should update more. I feel like I don't have a lot of cool stories/pictures to share, but maybe I do. Haha, yeah, maybe I'll write a new blog tonight. Just wait and see!

teri seaglass said...

The curls, the soft grey stripes, the delicate embroidery, and the twinkle lights; oh, so beautiful! Your photos have a magical quality; have I said this before? Maybe I just always think it in my head... but I love your work. So inspirational. I hope you accomplish all that you want. Happy belated New Year!

teri at

Charlotte Drene said...

Do something to your hair? Oh but I love your hair! Very much!

Ballet classes, that would be wonderful.. I would love to, if it weren't for the fact I can't touch my toes and more than likely will never be able to.

Anonymous said...

i just discovered your blog and its really beautiful. i love baby deer too! <3

Caylie said...

lovely photos!!


as love's silhouette appears said...

I love your blog! I have commented before but I wanted to tell you again!

I would love to be your friend and send you letters in the mail! : ) hope your new year brings you great joy and good luck with all your goals!

badekizi said...

thanks for your lovely message ! :D i hope you have an amazing day too !

Anna said...

Your hair is so pretty! Everything on your blog is very calming and serene, I just love it.

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

you're so cute and interesting! xo.

holly blues said...

I will be your girlie friend xxxx

Kristen said...

Ah! The hair!