Saturday, October 31, 2009

winking fawn



top three taken with a pentax k1000. more on my flickr.

I feel really homesick today and I'm not sure why.
Have a lovely, ghoully halloween!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

one with stripes, one spotted

burr burr burr burr burr. Minneapolis is cold land, USA.
Last weekend I flew to Portland, OR and saw some family who are much too far away. The town is so wonderful and the weather was nearly perfect...I wish it was closer.
My brother showed me this really neat huge, huge book store. It's the largest in America, taking up six blocks! I bought Silent World by Jaques Cousteau, and touched some pretty pricey reads. Kyle would have gone craaazy.

what's your favorite town? I haven't been to many so I don't have a lot of choices.
I love kansas city, because it's my home...but portland fantastic. Oh and DC is really pretty, too.
I think if I could visit more towns, I think I'd really love smaller towns in france.