Saturday, October 31, 2009

winking fawn



top three taken with a pentax k1000. more on my flickr.

I feel really homesick today and I'm not sure why.
Have a lovely, ghoully halloween!!


Grace said...

What sweet creatures!
Ashley, I wish I could go on your adventures - they look so fun.
So I will give you two options: either you move to California, or I move to Minnesota.
Your choice!

<3 Grace.

Vera said...

these pictures are so very lovely, the first one is my favourite. absolutely beautiful.
i also love the bow in your hair ♥
i hope you'll get over your homesickness soon.

Grace said...

I actually DO want to visit your neck of the woods at one point during my life, because you actually have SEASONS (although, being from Northern California, I do see more than I would living down south).
And perhaps one day I will because my significant other is in love with Wisconsin.
And you know, I bet it's beautiful over there.

Where is the home you are sick for?

<3 Grace.

Hat said...

Love these photos! especially the second one down, beautiful!
Great blog missy

chris is short said...

Wow, amazing photos as always!

magnoliaamber said...

Your blogs and photos are just so dreamy...i love it!

Mermaid said...

how lovely! fawns are truly some of the most magnificant creatures on earth. so beautifully magical♥
i am ever so glad you posted again!

Chelsea Harrington said...

ok now this is seriously cute

Greer said...

lovely and pretty :)

Little Miss said...

i love these photos, where in wisconsin is this located? xx

les m├ętamorphoses d'Alice said...

j'adore ton blog et tes photos

previouslyowned said...

bambi! haha just kidding. these photographs are great!! very very lovely <3

Tree Castles said...

it must have been lovely to have such magical creatures be so close to you! you look lovely in the last photo with your bow and your gentleness to these fawns.
i wonder if they give you some magic as their little noses touched your hand? :) i'm certainly sure they did.

Little Bo Peeep said...

bambi and family! what lovely creatures they are :) somestimes i wish i could live disney's classics.. mm i think it'd be amazing. i checked out your flickr account, amazing collection you got there.

i'm loving the bow you got there, its way too cute.

Neon Gypsy said...

so lovely! i love your blog, and these pictures are just gorgeous and so soft and beautiful (:

the bow in your hair in the last picture is amazing too