Sunday, November 22, 2009

silk bows and puppy dogs

These are some pages from a book I created of a made up person (I named her Ruby Swanson), who (fictionally) made this scrapbook in the 1930's-40's. I used found photographs and added text, ribbons, etc. I'm pretty pleased with the result! Also, my new header is my most recent lithograph using photo plates and three colors.
The 40's is such a fascinating decade to me historically. I wish that we still had as much love for our country as americans did then, and people still went dancing instead of grinding for fun. The women of that time must have been so brave, with their dashing boyfriends and such going to war. It certainly must have made everyone appreciate and cherish each other much more.

While getting supplies for this project, I saw the cutest paper toothfairy costume hat, made in the 1920's...I just had to make my own.

beam bew bew!
beam beam beam!

Now I must find out-- what is your favorite holiday dessert?
I'm making a delicious treat to bring to kyle's grandma's house for Thanksgiving, and it has to be perfect so we can prove ourselves as not being babies haha.
I've always loved a pumpkin roll because that's what my mom made every year, so I'm thinking of making that, although our kitchen it so small it might be difficult. I'm also thinking about making truffles! Who doesn't love those?


M. said...

i love the idea of a fictional scrapbook, yours turned out great!

Ania said...

wow that's such a great concept!

Lizard said...

The fictional scrapbook is amazing! I love it!

And I love your toothfairy hat ^__^ I want to make one now too.

magical post =)

Anonymous said...

my dear, you always have the most creative ideas. I too am besotted by the 40s. such an intricate and complex time/world it was. I love love love your last photograph♥
how do you get those effects? i am in love with them and wish i knew how to do it♥
take care

Endofmarch said...

oh, what a lovely liitle book! And what a wonderful idea :)
It just all look beautiful.
I like the 20's myself, with all of those flapper girls emancipating themselves slowly and the new sense of hope after coming out a a world war...
I love your new header. I think it looks wonderful :)
I'm sorry I cannot help you with you dessert. I have coeliac disease, therefore dessert are not something I eat often, but pumpkin rolls sound delicous!
Have a nice day, dear, and have a great Thanksgiving.

Tu et Moi: Amour et Tranquillite said...

Love your new header! So cute.
That is such a great idea for a scrapbook. Sometimes you see old black and white photos in antique shops, and there's a whole basket of them! I always wonder who they all are.

I've been baking a lot lately. You can't go wrong with pumpkin pie/roll. Pecan pie is another traditional Thanksgiving dessert. Apple pie would be great too. And you can decorate the top of the pie with the crust. I like making them into leaves and topping the cake with it. It's so fun.
Happy baking! And Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

that album is so, so lovely, what a great idea!

Taylor Kitto said...

wow, what a fun project! you really did it well. it's adorable.
i'm so interested in life back in the 40's as well, i wish i lived back then for the same reasons.
good luck with the desert!

Hat said...

I love that book! It's strange on my art foundation course we had an 'identity' project and I made the diary of a fake artist called 'Pat Marr'..and the whole idea was that no one really knew who they were and then suddenly they stopped proudcing art and vanished. I named it 'memoirs of a lost artist'. I'll scan some pages in if you wanna see!

lindsey and kelsey said...

Your blog is so lovely miss! I love that scrapbook! My mom has been scrapbooking since '97 and she saw yours and said she loved it.
My favorite Thanksgiving dish is pumpkin roll also!

Grace said...

Be my friend - you're so cute!!
Look at these photos I took a million years ago of my great grandma's photo album from the early 1900s: (there's about five or six following this one, I think).
I fell in love with the album - it was so charming!

And girl, I'm a total dessert-making queen!
This year I'm making a caramel apple cheesecake (loosely based on this recipe: - I'm making my own crust and mostly omitting pecans).
Last year I made ducle de leche cheesecake squares and a delicious apple pie.
One of my seasonal faves are these cakey pumpkin chocolate chip cookies - SO GOOD!
Okay I'm done - if you try any of those, let me know, but a pumpkin roll sounds delicious as well!

Good luck!!
Happy Thanksgiving!

<3 Grace.

Ingrid Mida said...

Hi there,
You asked about my paper dresses. I don't spray them with anything because Japanese paper is both durable and archival. I learned that in really old kimonos sometimes the silk has rotted away but the paper lining is still intact.
Love your blog and hope you'll visit me again!

heleen said...

How come it took me this long to discover your blog? Every post you create is such a delight to read, you really seem like a wonderful person.

I adore this concept, a fictional scrapbook!, that's just amazing. I wonder if 50 years from now, some kids will discover this and believe they stumbled upon a 100-year old treasure.

Kathi said...

I simply LOVE your blog!
It's kind of romantic, creative and just wonderful! <3

Hannah said...

That scrapbook from the 30s/40s is such a good idea. It looks like the sort of thing I would love to stumble across for real.

Anonymous said...

how pretty! x

Dream Chymecindy said...

Nice post!

Marta Represa said...

Such a cute scrapbook! It makes me feel like starting one too...

Love from Paris.

Taylor Norris said...

Oh it's so fun to make up a person and imagine their whole life. I like your blog!

mona lund said...

Oh, I used to do the very same thing! Not the scrapbooking, but the made-up people... I even made up lives for real people, until I happened upon one that hurt me too much to continue imagining.

bee said...

I'm craving more of your wonderful blog! Please post soon!

Velo said...

i love ur beam beam beam photo! =)
and ilove ur header too.

Meg Dolan said...

the scrapbook is beautiful ashley moe. i miss you!

Tayler said...

Love these pictures, my favorite holiday treat would definitely have to be fudge :)
great blog!