Friday, December 11, 2009

oh hello!

wowowowow it's been ages since my last post! I apologize but this past week was my last for the school semester, so I've been crazy busy with final projects. Today is one of the best days of the year, being the beginning of winter break.
I have so many new projects, I don't know where to begin posting! I'm so tired though and have to get up early, so I'll just show you one of my newest projects for now:

This is a dress I made for my Lithography final, made from crepe paper with lithography print. It's wearable!, but pretty difficult to move around in without it tearing.

♥ ☆

Sweet Roxanne tagged me for this. Sorry it's taken me a bagillion years to do!

1.Where is your phone? in my school bag
2.Your hair? Is wet and in a towel! One time I had it like this (as I always do after taking a shower) and was sitting indian style on the floor, and Kyle thought I was an indian man with a turban on!!
3.Your Mother? I miss her!
4.Your Father? looks like he should be in a western film.
5.Your favourite food? I reeally love white pizza with alfredo sauce, and I love guacamole.
6.Your dream last night? I don't remember it, which is strange because I usually do! I can tell you something funny Kyle did though-- I woke up to hearing him say "I can't reach it", as he lifted his hand in the air. He then started rubbing the side table lamp, and said "must use the force", and then grabbed my head! hahahha
7.Your favourite drink? Most definitely bubble tea. It's hard to choose a specific flavor, but I'd say it's between taro and honeydew, cold and with pearls.
8.Your dream/goal? to own a pet deer.
9.What room are you in? living room
10.Your hobbie? sewing, galloping around town
11.Your fear? grasshoppers and creepy creepsters in the dark by my apartment
(12. is missing)
13.Where were you last night? at home working super super hard for my last final projects! ugghh thank God they're over!
14.Something that your not? loud
15.Muffins? delicious!
16.Wishlist item? theeeese shoes from UO, and big scarves to keep away the freezing minneapolis wind.
17.Where did you grow up? Kansas City, MO area
18.Last thing you did? ate some puppy chow (not the dog food, the delicious treat!!)
19.What are you wearing? a striped night shirt thing and turquoise slippers!
20.Your TV? is on right now...Kyle and I are sort of watching broke back mountain for the first time and it's sort of awkward haha
21.Your pets? none right now :(. Poncho pup lives at home with my parents, and we can't have animals in our apartment. We're adopting a greyhound asap!
22.Friends? live far away
23.Your life? insanely busy until now. (I love winter break).
24.Your mood? umm? good !
25.Missing someone? yes I miss my friends in KC and my family always
26.Vehicle? is kyle's and smells really good due to a plethora of new car scent air fresheners.
27.Something your not wearing? pants! but not in a creepy way haha
28.Your favourite store? ooo geeze that's hard. I really love going into Anthropologie, not only because of the clothes but because of the loooovveeelly displays.
29.Your Favourite colour? pale pink, light grey
30.When was the last time you laughed? ten minutes or so ago
31.The last time you cried? someone in my photo class accidentally crushed my knee cap during critique yesterday, and I held back my tears but I'm pretty sure one rolled out!
32.Your best friend? my husband
33.One place that I go to over and over? school because I have to haha. And tea garden.
34.Facebook? is majorly distracting
35.Favourite place to eat? chipotle!


Kyle and I are going to Spearfish, SD tomorrow for a week to visit his parents. It has beautiful mountains and we pass a giant jackalope! I'll post lots of pictures and more of my final projects when we get back! I'm also thinking of doing something crazy like dying my hair blonde on something.
Are you venturing anywhere for winter break?


M. said...

that dress is adorable, I'm in love! good job, and I'm so jealous you're done with finals, mine start next week - meaning I'm going to die haha

and I loooooooooove white pizza as well, it's my favorite!
have fun over break :)

Dream Chymecindy said...

It's ok dear. Studies is more priority than any other. I like the dress you made by a paper. Looks very nice.

teapartied said...

Oh, that dress is so darling! :)

Ingrid Mida said...

It's sweet! Hope you got a good mark on it! I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your projects. Have a good break.

Sahakiel said...

Oh, God, that dress made of fabric should be LOVELY! Great work!! *claps*

sara said...

wow that dress is so lovely! your projects are always charming:)
i hope you're well and that you have a wonderful break!

heleen said...

That dress is amazing! I like how the sheerness shows how fragile it is, how delicate. Beautiful! :) I can't wait to see more projects of yours.

Have fun on your trip! Unfortunately I'm staying home during Christmas break, but the weather forecast predicts snow this week so I'm a happy girl!

olivia said...

how very sweet♥
dearest, you have such ingenuity and magical imagination♥
your forever friend, olivia

Charlotte Drene said...

Mmmy word, that dress is gorgeous! Boy should you be making some of those in a more comfortable material!

Grace said...

Mmm, you're so cute and your final project is quite cute and skillfully made.

I'm glad you enjoyed the snapshots of my great-grandmother's album!
As for what I'm up to this Break, well - I'm writing to you from San Francisco, so hello!

Merry Christmas, in advance!
Going to attempt any fun baking this holiday season?

<3 Grace.

A little Princess said...

Ooh girl twirl! I'm in love with your list. I hope you have a magical time away! xoxo

The Owl Diary said...

that dress is adorable.