Monday, December 21, 2009


(my final color photo project-- viewing the large size is much better)

so many more posts soon! Kyle and I are back from his parents house, so I have free time galore. So much to show you!
What are you hoping to get for christmas? I'm getting so excited.


olivia said...

oh, I am enjoying christmastime ever so much! I am glad to hear from you, dear ♥
I just recently bought a "noble wreathe" it was at trader joes; at it smells ever so wonderful! all the chrismas joys in one wreathe(:
how are you enjoying christmastime? By the way, your photographs are exquisite, just as they ever are..(:
your forever friend, olivia

The Owl Diary said...

oh, i'm excited for Christmas as well. can you believe I thought it was Saturday and not Friday! silly me.

love, love your photos.

Endofmarch said...

Oh your project is wonderful! I really like all of it.
Since I am far away from home for Christmas I wasn't expecting anything. But apparently my family and friends are all sending me stuff, so it's going to be a nice surprise :)
I hope you have a nice Holiday!

Roxanne Rosensteel said...

Oh I love your photos! I'm so glad that there's more to share, too.

For Christmas I'm hoping to get these mint green headphones I've been lusting after, and money for vintage clothes! I hope you're having a lovely Christmas, dear.

Brook said...

I am hoping to get the new canon rebel ti1 .... fingers crossed!

April said...

I'm hoping to get a GPS! I decided to go to college in Arkansas without one and it was not a good decision. I got lost the other night and scenes from deliverance kept running through my mind.

la fille dans la forĂȘt said...

these are beautiful. I love the one of apples in a basket. and, of course, the little deer!

anu said...

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Fashion By He said...

amazing pictures, love your site

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Taylor Kitto said...

wow, these are such darling and whimsical photos! you are so talented at telling stories through pictures, dear.

for christmas i hope i get an instax and some other film cameras! have a lovely xmas. xoxo.

Lazzenia said...

Lovely pics, seriously.
I'm also very excited about christmas, I'm expecting for a ew reflex camera but here, Spain, we don't get the presents until january 6th (when the three wise men come) so I'll have to wait a bit more..

I hope you get everyting you want :)

Eliza said...

what beautiful photographs, i'm in awe ♥ especially with the deer one. merry christmas.

heleen said...

A truly exquisite collection of photos! It is obvious you have a very developed sense of aesthetics, beautiful!