Tuesday, February 3, 2009

newest treasures

some wonderful things i have as of lately

Zenit 122 35mm camera
El Perro Del Mar- The Valley To The Stars on vinyl
Ratatat- LP3 on vinyl (kyle picked this one)
Diane Arbus: An Aperture Monograph

now i'm off to make spaghetti with hannah! yuuuuummmmm.


1918VINTAGE said...

How great! I'm so glad you like Diane Arbus. I'm assuming you've seen the movie Fur. It's one of my top favorites. OH! Have you been to Cheapo the record shop?

sleepy fawn said...

haha yes...
the first time i saw fur i was watching it with kyle and his dad and it was MEGA awkward..his dad ended up just leaving ahhaa. Then I just had to watch it again last week for a class! I think watching it with most anyone is sort of awkward.

mhm cheapo is amazing! That's where i got those two records. It's so huuuuuuuggeeeeeeee.

Mark Samuel Monroe said...

what a wonderful blog.

elkling said...

video blogs rock, please post more seeing as to how you have the means of a webcam and working mic. RATATAT was a good pick on kyles behalf, I hope you enjoy it. LP's definetly have the power to last forever so keep collecting.