Wednesday, February 11, 2009

new bangs, best commercial ever

I was terrified times a million to get my bangs cut, but I think they turned out nice! The Aveda Institute in minneapolis is probably the best place on earth to get your hair cut.
here's why:
The students cut your hair, but they're all awesome and are watched by their instructors
A cut and style with your student ID card is only $11.50
They massage your scalp...kind of awkward, but good
They offer you free tea!
And they get you lip moisturizer for free and the end too !
oh and it smells really nice in there too.

I saw this beautiful Dior commercial (directed by the beautiful sophia coppola) a month or so ago on television. If you haven't seen it, you must! I'm dying to have everything in it.

too brilliant!

what are your plans for valentines day??


Mark Samuel Monroe said...

i am going out of town for a romantic getaway with my boyfriend. it will be wonderful. a beautiful hotel, beautiful art, music and love.

elkling said...

i love this commercial. i posted it on my facebook a couple of days ago. When i heard of miss dior cherie i ran to shoppers to smell it. the clerk said its a really old perfume and a classic. Then i was at someones house and saw they had the hand cream. ever since i've been saving for my own bottle.

allison said...

I agree about the commercial!!!

.madison. said...

So I had a blog like a billion years ago, but I never updated it or anything..
so I made a new one last night so I can comment in yours hahah
I misssssses youuuus

For Valentines Day, Stephen and I came down to Richland and tonight we is going out to eat somewherrrrrre!
What are you and Kyleyleyleyleyyyyyle doing??

.madison. said...

Stephen took that picture for his photography class last semesterrrr. I think I look silly 'cause I was talking haha. He used film so I didn't get to approve the picture first :/ But thankss

chris is short said...

Wow, that commercial is too good. Sofia is amazing.