Sunday, February 1, 2009

first post!

sooo i've been wanting to start this little blog forever, and i'm glad i finally got around to it. i'll be posting artwork, fashion, films, inspirations and everything in between (:

the photos are from my most recent project for Media class... they fit along with this passage by John Cage:

A Chinaman
went to

and dreamt
he was
a butterfly.

Later, when
he awoke,

he asked

“Am I a

that I am
a man?” has all of Cage's passages. Some are hilarious and some are beautiful...
take a look see!



1918VINTAGE said...

Tres Bien!! I can't wait to see more! :)

Lady P said...

lovely photos and the music made me grin!

Anonymous said...

great shots

Jamie Pilgrim said...

Those are gorgeous photos! I'm glad you decided to keep them and not take Travis' advice :)

Paper Elephants said...

I am so excited to get the film I took developed.

sleepy fawn said...

thanks jamie! haha yeah i didn't really understand his advice.... (:

and thanks everyone else!

Anonymous said...

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