Wednesday, February 25, 2009

animaux adorables

i might need to drop out of art school and get a job where i can play with cute animals all day.
i'm sure i'd be really good at it.

too cute. I'm at home dreaming of all those pets i need cause i'm soooooo ssiiiccck today. and yesterday. and the day before that. nononononononono fun at all.

who ever reads this- please tell me where you live, and if you love it! Kyle and i are trying to pick a place to move, or maybe just stay here in minneapolis. Soooo where is it? is it awesome? importantly, is it affordable?


ali formby. said...

pretty woman,

your sweet comment made me smile. thank you. i just figured since God has done so much for me, the least i can do is tell people about it.

and yes...i've got the fashion bug as well. i have to take a step back every now and then. but i really do love putting outfits together.

i live in san antonio, texas and i love it. yes, completely awesome. you are 45 minutes from austin and 4 hours from the gulf! it's february and we hit 87 degrees today.

feel better, lady.

.madison. said...



I was sick this week, too. I have STREP! ahhh the worrrsttt!

Marissa Jónsdóttir said...

heello! i think your blog is just so sweet. parlez-vous le francais?

. said...

Helllo i'm from singapore ^^ Pets are cute !! Especially dogs ! :D hehehe nice post from u ...
take care !

Anonymous said...

Move to Milwaukee! Trust me, it's quite quite affordable and its so fun and nice there! Michael and i go to the domes a lot (we did with his family for Valentine's day) its just three domes but each has a different tundra. It's kind of a lot like Minneapolis, but it's awesome. Michael's family moves there but he goes to college two hours away, so once he's done we'll be moving there (he has one more year) and i'll be going to college in Milwaukee. Google it and tell me what you think! Plus, it's only like 2-5 hours away form where you're from already.

It's a huge city, but you still get a sense of "home" unlike Madison

sleepy fawn said...

chelsea- i'm so confused. Is your blog deleted? Cause I can't seeeee iiittttt!

Hmmm yes milwaukee isn't too far and it has a fun name hahah..and I've head the milwaukee institute of art and design is pretty good, i'm sure just as good as mcad. It's so hard to find a place to live when there are sooooo many options and everything costs money!
I'll look into milwaukee more (:

Anonymous said...

Yeah i thought about going to MIAD before, a long time ago. They kept with me a lot and i know someone that goes that. its a really cool place

Marissa Jónsdóttir said...

i come from france actually! only i'm in canada to study at university! but i really miss home! and i don't speak perfectly english so it's hard haha.. where are you out of? and yes i do agree french movies are the best!!!

Marissa Jónsdóttir said...

oh i know what you mean.. cold weather is terrible! i thought i liked cold weather to wear big warm jackets but i found out i was wrong! so i would not recommend canada for you! i am planning on leaving after this school year ends.. and never come back aha!

have you ever thought about coming to france? the cost to live is not that expensive and if you are interested in arts there are plenty of great schools!

Anonymous said...

move to montreal, quebec.
rent is cheap, it's the best city to be broke in, everyone looks and is like you, the food is the beessssssst, there are some of the best cafes in north america here, it's basically living in a world apart from north america, and THE FOOD IS SO GOOD (that had to be there twice).

oh and also it's loaded with used book stores, thrift stores, and uhm. me. :)

Lady said...

I live in the Silicon Valley (Morgan Hill, Ca). I love it because it is very close to San Jose/San Francisco...but it is NOT affordable!

Kara Thomas said...

I'm from California and i go to school in Chicago, so I am with you on the struggle with the cold. Minneapolis has the nicest people. Better than anywhere else. God will open doors and close doors to help you find where you're supposed to move, if you are. I've learned this year that I can cry about the weather all I want, but I can't leave Chicago because of some of the people I have met here. People really make or break where you live.

Anonymous said...

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