Wednesday, May 13, 2009

schooooools out!

(a video I made for Life in Art, based off of Godard's French New Wave films of the 60's)

I survived my first year of a completely life consuming art school.
apparently I enjoyed it enough though, because kyle and I have decided to stay here!
here's my schedule for next semester:

monday- nothing!
tuesday- nothing!
wednesday- Focus on Film: The Western 9:30-12:00, Intro to Film Making (although I think i'm going to change this) 1:00-6:00
thursday- Color Photography (I'm on the wait list though) 1:00-6:00, French for Art 6:30-9
friday- Sophomore Serminar 9-10:30, Ideation and Process 1-6

ahhhh, summer feels so good. I know i'm going to be visiting kc a lot, but I really hope my friends come visit here too. come while it's still warm in minnesota!


Brittany said...

love the face painting part. i'm obsessed with pierrot as of recently! this looks like it was so much fun to make. have a happy summer!

K. said...

aww im so glad you guys decided to stay!

chris is short said...

I'm horrible at making decisions. I'm still working on figuring out where to live!

I've never been to Minneapolis. Hopefully one of these days.

Sara said...

I think we have Ideation and Process together.

Will_Bryant said...

this is awesome!
live up the art school life, it's fun while it lasts :)