Monday, May 4, 2009


so, i've been going back and forth back and forth on where to live. When kyle and i first moved to minneapolis, i thought i hated it...but really, that was just because it was somewhere new and different and scary. buuut now i see all the wonders of minneapolis; it's SAFE, it's CLEAN.....and that's all i really care about. Mostly, safety though, which is why i'm afraid to move back to Kansas City. Our plans were to move to kc june first, and i'd go to the kc art institute, which is a really wonderful school. It's cheaper, it's familiar, my friends and family live there, but lately i've just been really worried about being safe. In minneapolis you can go outside in the dark by yourself (in lots of places), you can ride the public transportation alone, and there are lots of 'normal' people out to protect you when someone freaky approaches. .buuut, the apartments are a lot more expensive, and so is MCAD.
In kc, i can get my BFA in photography AND fibers, and save a lot of money.
but if i'm going to be constantly afraid of my safety (my mom was nearly murdered there, and people are shot or stabbed everyday) theennn I don't know if it's worth it. I grew up in KC, so I know it's not all bad. It's just that i've lived somewhere so safe for a year, it's going to be hard to adjust again.

uuggghhhh growing up and deciding things is so hard.


Sara said...

Good luck!!! We will miss you here if you move away...

1918VINTAGE said...

Reasons to move to Chicago:

1. It's SO SO SOOOO SAFE. I rode the bus at 2am once (which I would NEVER do in KC, even during the day) and it was PERFECTLY FINE.

2. You don't need a car at all, the el train is soo fun and safe and easy. It takes you everywhere you would need to go!

3. Megabus! You can take the megabus to and from KC. It's usually $8-$15 each way, but if you book it's only $1! And it's super safe too, mostly students ride it.

4. Character...Chicago, especially lincoln and wicker park has so so so much character. There's a million quirky shops and a buttload of vintage stores!

5. Clean! Chicago is clean!!! YAAAYYYY

6. A million schools. There are sooooo many schools to choose from in Chicago. SO MANY. The school of the art institute of Chicago is one of the best (although expensive) or you could go to Columbia which is cheap. Also there's a few other art schools that I know nothing about.

That's all...can't say I didn't try!

ali formby. said...

i'm all about safe and clean too. but it really stinks living so far away from all your friends (i'm in that boat now), but not unbearable.

Maria J. said...

Go where ever you heart leads you too.

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