Sunday, May 17, 2009

salut mes amies!

I've had a really lovely summer break so far.
A couple of days ago, Kyle and I went to the most delicious French restaurant called Salut.
The decor was great annnnd they put adorable french flags in your food! C'est super-cool!

Today we went to church with Sarah, and then went to feed the squirrels and birds at Loring Park...which is always hilariously fun.
I'm working on my first real embroidery today...embroidery hoop and all! I've been planning on this being my summer hobby, and I'm already in love with it.

OH and i'm finally mailing letters to eeevveryone I said I was going to...i promise, they're coming!


Sarah Julson said...

Our summer agendas seem to be quite similar! I already have a long list of letters to send out, and I'm embroidering towels for our apartment next year. I'm so excited!

Sara said...