Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I guess this teeny really, really, really, really incredibly adorable deer was delivered via C-section after it's mum was hit by a car. AWW.
Yes, but then he died the day later..or a few days later, something like that.
but all I can say is, oh..my..gosh. It's the cutest thing i've ever seen.

takes away all my worries about deciding where to move!


emily said...

oh my... the most adorable creature ever.

ali formby. said...

ohhhh...i wish i could have held the baby.

Lauren said...

awwwh oh my lord, now that is an animal for my pocket! haha, so cuute!

M. said...

I found this on wehearit.com and thought you would like it

Diana said...

so sad it died D: