Sunday, March 15, 2009

what? it's not negative 100 degrees anymore?!

Sunny 55°F

warmth at last!!!!!!!!!!
life seems so much brighter when you can walk outside without cringing and ice in your eyes.


Anonymous said...

i knowwwww i'm so happy today because of the weather and not wearing my winter jacket when i walk around anymoreeee549tjhaslkh;l3q64u qi!

i like your hair

Camille said...

Cute pictures, I like reading random blogs from people I don't know.
In case you care, the weather is very warm in France too, summer's coming all around the world ! Sounds good.

kaay said...

Love your blog ^-^
So happy that it's getting warmer & all the blossem has started coming out.

Antonio said...

beautiful photos ^_^
It's also very warm here in Panama.