Wednesday, March 11, 2009

weekend, paris, st paul

Kyle and I watched Weekend (from 1967) last week, and Paris 36 (i'm not sure if this is out in the states yet, it was a pre-screening and the actress and director were there!) a couple of nights ago. Two very different films definitely worth seeing.
Weekend is crazy to explain so i'm not even going to try.
Paris 36 is about a group of people who lose their beloved music hall and reopen and make it a success with lots of interesting acts. I don't know how to explain it without making it sound awful because i typically hate musicals. This isn't a musical's a film that has singing haha. Just go see it (:


Kyle and I also took a trip to St.Paul for the first time! Funny that we live in the "twin cities" but hadn't been over to the other side until last saturday. We went to a delicious pastry shop called A Piece of Cake. The ad we saw for it said "do you know someone who loves ribbons, bows, kitties, ballerinas?" and i said YES YES ME. The shop didn't have any of that stuff so i was a little disappointed but i had one of the best cupcakes of my life. I checked out the College of Visual Arts (which is in a lovely mansion surrounded by the largest preserved victorian neighborhood in the country ooo!) buut i'm fairly positive i won't apply because we still don't know where to live!. It's looking like we're moving back to kansas city. probably. maybe.

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