Wednesday, March 4, 2009

dream dream dream

I came home monday (my worst day of the week because of my dumb drawing class) and found that lovely, enormous I love you note on the kitchen wall! My husband is adorable.

Mondays and tuesdays are noooooooooo fun at all for me. Monday, I have drawing from 1-6 and it's a horrible experience for many reasons..but mostly I hate having to carry a huge portfolio bag full of stuff, a huge drawing board, a very very huge newsprint pad, and other various things from my apartment to car, then from the school parking lot into the class...all in the freezing cold. And then tuesdays, I have a Life in Art class studying Diane Arbus in the morning, and then photo class 1-6.
but today...wednesdays, I have no classes! I don't know what I'd do without my open wednesday.
It feels nice to relax for a few hours. aaahhhhh.

Last night, Kyle and I watched Penelope!
It wasn't the best, but had adorable moments and the set design of her bedroom was pretty much my dream room.
I especially love the little terrariums she had. I haven't made one of those since elementary school so I'm thinking it's about time to start up again!

if you have netflix, you can watch Penelope instantly online!

America's next top model's new season started tonight, and in the commercial break tyra said that girls can be under 5'7 (previously you had to be above that) to audition for next season....i'm 5'6..hhmmmm... ... .. hahha


Sarah Julson said...

I just watched Penelope on Netflix the other day! I agree, it wasn't the best movie, but the sets were amazing, and who can argue with the beautiful Sigur Ros at the end?!

IMI LOA said...

Your blog is soooo sweet ahhh!

Anonymous said...

eep ps i know, i was uninspired and bummed out thoroughly by everything i wrote on there, but oh well. i have a huge problem with always wanting to start fresh, as you can see

but follow follow follow me!

A "cheery" disposition said...

I really liked Penelope but what can I say im a huge fan of James Macvoy. Your right though the set design is stunning in that movie.