Thursday, June 25, 2009

♥ Vive Le Roi (Long live the king) banner made from cotton blend, embroidery thread, and ribbon,
♥ go, mordecai-- one of my favorite parts from one of my favorite films, The Royal Tenenbaums..cotton blend and embroidery thread. I might add some houses behind him too.
♥ new dress from forever 21..perfect for the hot hot hot summer heat!

Today I went to the Science Museum as a chaperon for the PPL kids, and nearly had a heart attack when one tried to jump off the building. Heat makes kids so crazy.
RIP lovely Farrah Fawcett and MJ. Her hair, and his dance moves, will always be a great inspiration!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Recently I've been thinking that maybe photo isn't my thing anymore. I was set on getting my
BFA in Photography from MCAD, buuuut I don't know if I really see myself having a lot of passion for it anymore. I wish there was an "embroider cute little people" major..or I especially
wish that MCAD had Fibers. Part of me just wants to switch over to the University of Minnesota and get a BFA in art in general, and minor in French (which if you haven't noticed already, I absolutely adore). I just want to be an elementary art teacher, and sell my personal work over the summer, so I really could major in anything. Oohhh the possibilities!
What do you major in?

Lovely hannah gave me this little blog award! Toooo cute. Visit her to see lots of precious outfits.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

These are a couple of embroideries I've made in the last week. Kyle and I are making embroidered pillows soon and I'm super excited about them.

Dedicated Follower of Fashion made me the Lookbooker of the week on their blog!
It's super sweet of them and I love all of the wonderful fashion inspiration they find.
Take look at !

This is our beeauuuutiful new couch that Kyle picked up while I was gone!
Oh and this super adorable dress I got from J Crew a few days ago. YES, FINALLLY J CREW.
I love their clothes so much but can never afford them, until I went in to peak at
clearance and found this for twenty bucks. Their store front displays are
alllways the cutest ever, including their current one made out of fake ice cream cones and pearls.


pea eessss
Up is absoluuuteelllyyy fantastic. It's become my favorite Pixar film, although I felt
slightly embarrassed walking out of the theater teary eyed. I especially love
the line by Dug "I slept under your porch because I love you"....awwwww.

Friday, June 12, 2009

It was nice to sleep in the room I grew up in again.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

today i'm finishing cleaning out our very first apartment, and was thinking about some
random memories (the ones above!). I hope the maintenance people don't see all the holes in the walls I filled in with acyclic paint..

i'll be in Kansas City next week !

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I really don't understand why people hate God so much.
Like Anne Graham said, we've been pushing him out of lives for years and when things start to get bad, we ask "if God's so good, why isn't he fixing everything?"
hmmm, I wonder.
Some of my best friends who used to be Christians, or at least civil about the existence of God, now don't just disbelieve, but just flat out "hate" Him.
Where is this coming from?

People say that Christians try to shove their beliefs down everyone's throats, but it's really just the opposite.
Now, you have to claim to be atheist of some obscure sect of Eastern religion to be cool.

So, why isn't it cool to be Christian? I haven't learned anything crude on indecent from the Bible. I've learned to love everybody whether they believe in God or not, and strive to be like Jesus. What did He ever do that's so wrong? We've all had those annoying, irritating experiences with people who CLAIM to be "Christians"..those people who always wear shirts that say "God's Princess" or something along those lines, who tell you you're going to hell, who go to church on sundays and cry their eyes out, and then act like jerks every other day of the week.
Those people are NOT an accurate representation of God's people. The Church is what is corrupt- not God.

I don't want to have to hide the fact that I believe in God, because it'll hurt my coolness status..
and I wish other people didn't either.

Anyway, Kyle's working with the History Channel for some fancy commercial all day, and I'm moving all of our stuff to our new apartment. We have too much stuff.