Sunday, June 14, 2009

These are a couple of embroideries I've made in the last week. Kyle and I are making embroidered pillows soon and I'm super excited about them.

Dedicated Follower of Fashion made me the Lookbooker of the week on their blog!
It's super sweet of them and I love all of the wonderful fashion inspiration they find.
Take look at !

This is our beeauuuutiful new couch that Kyle picked up while I was gone!
Oh and this super adorable dress I got from J Crew a few days ago. YES, FINALLLY J CREW.
I love their clothes so much but can never afford them, until I went in to peak at
clearance and found this for twenty bucks. Their store front displays are
alllways the cutest ever, including their current one made out of fake ice cream cones and pearls.


pea eessss
Up is absoluuuteelllyyy fantastic. It's become my favorite Pixar film, although I felt
slightly embarrassed walking out of the theater teary eyed. I especially love
the line by Dug "I slept under your porch because I love you"....awwwww.


M. said...

me and my boyfriend aspire to be you and your husband.

chelseybell. said...

what a beautiful dress!

and i'm dying to see up.

M. said...

lol we do, you guys are so cute! Yes, the Princess and the Frog movie looks really good I can't wait!

Hannah said...

that couch is tooooooo awesome, it goes so great with your dress. very marie antoinette.

Hannah said...

ps. i gave you a blog award!