Thursday, June 25, 2009

♥ Vive Le Roi (Long live the king) banner made from cotton blend, embroidery thread, and ribbon,
♥ go, mordecai-- one of my favorite parts from one of my favorite films, The Royal Tenenbaums..cotton blend and embroidery thread. I might add some houses behind him too.
♥ new dress from forever 21..perfect for the hot hot hot summer heat!

Today I went to the Science Museum as a chaperon for the PPL kids, and nearly had a heart attack when one tried to jump off the building. Heat makes kids so crazy.
RIP lovely Farrah Fawcett and MJ. Her hair, and his dance moves, will always be a great inspiration!


Nataly said...

I haven't! I'll have to see it soon.
Changeling is amazinggg, Jolie is soo good!
I definitely recommend it :)

Hannah said...

lovely banner! always love royal tenenbaum related things.. and your dress is too cute!

Mars said...

wow, great dress! :D

Bridget said...

lovely :)

GracieFrances; said...

ooh, great dress!

love your blog. x

Bettycake said...

I LOVE your blog :)

Lani said...

you are so so pretty :DD
the little banner looks so pretty, it would be so cute if each flag spelled out a little message in morse corde.