Wednesday, April 22, 2009

she's like a little bird, she flies from a to b


Tu et Moi: Amour et Tranquillite said...

I love the Lime Grenada..
I haven't tried the rose one yet. Yum.
Love the polaroids.
Wish they weren't going extinct!

Hannah said...

I love Goldfrapp :) Lovely pictures, very dreamy.

ally m. said...

those photos are soo lovely =)

and goldfrapp is just amazing

chris is short said...

Wait a minute! A kid faked being dead on the bus? I have to hear about this.

Yeah, I'm curious to see how my Holga photos turn out. I doubt they'll be anywhere as cool as the ones I've seen other people take. Who knows, there's always the chance I loaded the film wrong. It was the first time I had loaded film into a camera in probably over five years.

Lauren said...

Lovely polaroids! And yes I agree :) Mutual love for animals x