Thursday, April 9, 2009

photos, film, spearfish

(click the ones above to view larger!)

Springbreak 2009 is over. Kyle and I traveled to his parent's home in this wee awesome town called Spearfish. I haven't made real prints of my photos from there yet, but it's so so beautiful and it was wonderful to get out of the city for a few days.
We didn't really do much because there was a blizzard while we were there (we brought the minnesota cold curse with us!) but we did end up going to see Devil's Tower in wyoming (click on the negatives up there and you can see a larger image of it), which is this big rock formation? I think it's rock...or mountain...or something. Kyle's dad said it used to be the inside of a volcano but i'm not sure if that was a joke or not.
There were deer eeeveerrrywhere and I wanted to lure one in with some sugar cubes or something soooooo bad. I'm hoping so much i got some good photos of them and will post them as soon as i find out!

Meg from 1918 vintage is coming here this weekend to take some photos aaand it's Easter on sunday! I'm very excited for the weekend despite my piles of homework to do. (:
I hope you all get lots of candy.

joanna newsom is played in the new victoria's secret commercial. who would have ever thought that would happen! ha!


Anonymous said...

cutest photos !!! :)

love, dayna

Sara said...

Those Jackalopes look fantastic! Can't wait to see your prints!

yoooo. said...

lovely photos!

you have a pretty face :)

Aliliisa said...

you are so pretty! i really adore your hair and you look a bit french too..luckyy!

Anonymous said...

very cute photos. i like the one of the pancakes!

Anonymous said...