Friday, July 8, 2011

















(all shot with my pentax k1000, with 400 speed lomo color negative film and lomo red scale)

Visiting Portland was a really love trip, as expected. We flew to Seattle then took the train from there to portland, which was a really beautiful ride. Unfortunately it started to storm and became dark, so we couldn't take many photos. We've decided that we'll take a train over a plane any day. We met my new niece, had voo doo donuts, saw the farmers market, visited lots and lots of nice shops, and spent time with my brother and nephew.
Luckily my job can be done practically anywhere, so when kyle's done with his filmmaking BFA, we have lots of nice options for places to move. I'd say portland is in the tops of our list.


Pearl said...

yay! Go P Town! Love the flowers pic~


Anonymous said...

absolutely amazing shots, looks so good. those 'voo doo' doughnuts sound interesting!

amanda jane said...

wow...these are so beautiful! I'm so glad you enjoyed portland!

Two Happy Hearts said...

lovely collection of photos. i adore portland. i've only been once, but it's one of my favorite places.

Hunter and Hannah said...

So sweet! Hunter and I are going to Portland in September! We can't wait :)

I ▲M DEER said...

I love these pictures, you are very gifted, keep on working on it.
One day, I'll go to Portland, too.

Laura Nelson said...

Portland is wonderful! Oregon is so beautiful and Portland has everything, the city, nature, mountains, rivers, it's perfect :)

Jo said...

It looks like such fun <3 I love the fox mask!

Lost in the Haze

Caitlin said...

Really wonderful photographs

A. Mehaffie said...

I went to flew into Portland for my honeymoon, the town was lovely, but there were so many homeless people there, because some shelter had opened up that day. The transportation (transit) was wonderful! Such beautiful photographs! And your hair looks really pretty short!

cara said...

hehe i love the seal! looks like you had a grand old time. i wouldn't mind moving to portland too!

Chandler C said...

I've definitely been to that creperie (on hawthorne, right?)! Either way, lovely photos.

Lyndall said...

It looks like you had a lovely time! I want to visit the Voodoo donuts shop! Portland seems like it would be a great place to live.

poldingsena said...

im lovin the grains! :)

Anonymous said...

You should check out Seattle too :)
I love living in the Pacific North West and I'm sure you guys will too!


Anonymous said...

Amazing photos.

// Melwa,

Anonymous said...

great pictures, hun!
lovely blog...


tasha faye said...

oh my gosh! <3 your photographs are eye candy. i can't stop staring at each one. (: i was in real need of some wonderful photography and i've found your blog! you have such a beautiful blog here. xxx

Yo no soy una it girl said...

Great pics!! XOXO

Denise Pacurar said...

I found your blog through weardrobe and love it! I am from Portland! :) Thanks for visiting!!

xoxo Denise

Hélène Marie Jeanne said...

your photos are amazing!!!
Correct me if i m wrong, portland is in Maine, right?My boyfriend was born in Maine!! :D
Thanks for your lovely lovely comment - am now discovering your blog too! :D