Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sorry for the lack of posts and comments, I haven't had internet for a while and have been so so busy with school. I'm on a break right now, between modeling for a photo shoot and fashion show tonight. I have a huge braid that's pretty fun to swing around, and I'm pretty excited for the show.

I'm planning to make a book of people with animals, like in my linocut pictured above. I need some fun name ideas! What are your pets named?


Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

My compliment for your blog and pictures included,I encourage you to photoblog


Even week another photo album

Greetings from Italy,


heleen said...

My cat's name is Diouf (pronounced 'dzjoof') but I always liked fruit names such as Cherry and Strawberry to be given to animals.
I hope you're enjoying your little break! x

- said...
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- said...

I have no pets but if I had a cat I'd call it "Napoleon" since I read a book about a black cat that was smart and cunning and was named napoleon when I was little XD
I do like names that are a bit weird coz I think it's funny XD (like "Fridolin, Faux [speak: foukse like mouse with a k LOL], Penelope, Freddericksson...")
or short names like "Tobi"

If pet names are names of other animals or things - I think that's fuuny too~
callind a cat "bear" or a dog "barn"

I don't whether this helped you but I thought it was fun to let you know about ehr- weird names XD

allysa said...

Mine's name is Edmund! He's a Bernese Mountain Dog (if you've never seen one, look them up, they're incredible). And the type of dog would be good for that type of artwork as they're mostly black.

I also have a snake named Lady (short for Marmalade), a lizard named Mr. Mean (we also call him Zombie lizard-which can be explained via story if you'd like), and a crested gecko named Lucy.

In our house there are also three cats of which are named Kyosku, Velvet and Beta. They are black, black, and calico, respectively.

Good luck with your busy schedule and such!

My artwork: /

ANGELICA! said...

my sweet dog is named ricardo; he wears a permanent hoop. my white kitten's name is shmeagol, for no reason whatsoever, it just kind of fit ♥

have fun at the fashion show, and on you break!


Karissa said...

Are you a fashion or photography student? Exciting sounding school. :D

I have a female beta fish named Hero after the character's in the Jet Li movie of the same name. If I had a cat, I would name her Georgia.

Do you have pets?


M. said...

your hair got so so long, I'm so jealous that braid is so prettyyy!

lovelove, M.

Beatrice said... the name of my dog... i think it sound like vintage... n.n

vanessa said...

Your hair looks amazing! As do all of your pictures, always.

And what a good idea for a book! I have two nigerian dwarf goats, they are twins named Montgomery and Lola. They're still babies so I don't think they're even two feet tall yet. I am obsessed.

kate maggie said...

Your hair looks so good! Ah, you have such a nice complexion aswell. I always love your pictures.

My dogs named used to be paddington, we had a hamster called sir edward, and a turtle named murtle. <3 Your blog is just lovely.

Hillary said...

Luna and Morris!
I love the people and animals idea.

Monster Girl said...

MY kitty's name is Molly Ringwald :D

Erica Lulu said...

Your braid is adorable! Its inspired me not to give up growing my hair out. It takes so long, but it will be worth it.

Oh, and my pups name is Howard. That's what happened when I was seven and my parents asked me what we should name him. For the life of me I cannot remember the logic behind it. lol

Leah said...

my dog is named Imme.
and my bird Lina .)

Clare said...

Such cute drawings and a lovely blog. I have two cats called Crusha and Batman.

lavelle said...

What a lovely idea!

My kitten is named Rosemary, or Rosie or Rose for short


Sarah Elizabeth said...

I love the braid! Gorgeousss.
My two kitties are named Caverly and Oliver. :)

taylorkitto said...

your hair looks so beautiful and long in the first picture!
my pups are named raleigh and sophie, and my bird sia :)
sounds like an adorable book!

Michelle said...

your hair is so beautiful and long! it looks lovely in a braid.

i had a cat named sullivan, once. my boyfriend's dog is named ernie. i called my camera 'archie' for short, which is think is quite cute. that book of yours sounds like a nice little project!

Nicole T said...

Cute dress! I love the braid.

missbuka said...

my cat's name is kotlet, in polish that means hamburger, and kot in polish means cat.

kaseybader said...

I have a little kitty whos name is Aiko- which means little loved one
And a german shepherd whos name is Rufio- from my all time favorite movie Hook!

kaseybader said...

Oh! And two goats, Harold and Maude.. Also after one of my favorite movies. ;)

The Fashion Cloud said...

Lovely blog, I just wanted to let you know that I have featured one of your looks in my latest post:

Hope you enjoy it


as love's silhouette appears said...

pretty hair!

I have a kitty and his name is hazel (very simple!) but if you want to see pictures go to my blog! : )


stephanie renee said...

i don't have any pets, but i hoped to get a dog soon and name it ruby!

i love making linocuts, i took a class at the center for bookmaking in minneapolis which is a great place to print!

kristina said...

what a wonderful idea for a book... i've always been fascinated by animal drawings and whatnot, and peoples' interpretations of them. <3

Jen said...

Sounds like a really good book.

So....Dog; Sophie
Rabbits; Benji, Blackie and Willow.
Hamsters; Petree (like the pterodactyl in Land Before Time), Honey and Domino.

Jen x

kimvee said...

I love your style & blog so much! I am definitely following your blog :) Hope you are having a lovely week!

tess said...

just found your blog and I love it. the animal cuts here are adorable. cannot wait to read more, would you like to trade links?

Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

My dog is named Pinky. And, wanted to let you know I gave you an award on my blog, so you should check it out. Annie.

grace said...

You have an absolutely lovely blog! One of my new favorites ^^
My cat's name is Prickle. At first we thought it was cute then we realised the truth in the name.

sara said...

my little blonde puppy's name is kiwi :)

Jenn said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog, and I love your pictures! I have three cats named Bijou, Boscoe, and Dexter.


it's not her, it's me. said...

hey i love your blog! check out mine - it's not her, it's me. and i am selling some amazing vintage and handmade crochet goodies on etsy: check it out! xoxo ♥

Samantha of Amerie Rose said...

I am in love with your braid, so beautiful, and such a lovely blog.

Love_Again said...

i love this lino-cut! so sweet!

Artpixie said...

i lurveeeee your blog.

Denise said...

omg loveeee your dress!! beautiful pictures in your bog love it ♡

if you wanna check mine blog :)

Tilda said...

I love your atwork so much,
I have a dog called Columbus he is an irish terrier,
I have a horse called Pablo but we changed his name becuase he was called Den and it didn't really suit him,
Finally I have a guinea pig called Popsicle


allaboutourdogs said...

You have a great top and nice braid. The focus of the shot was done well. My Berner's name is Yuri. He is so adorable and cuddly!