Monday, September 21, 2009

I want butterfly mornings and wild flower afternoons

hemingway exploring

_____________butterfly forest
a lovely day with my prince.

remember book: 43

43 has been my favorite number for as long as I can remember having one.
my mom used to get home from work at 4:30 when I was in elementary school, and I loved her
so much that 4:30 was my favorite time, and 43 my favorite number.

do you have a favorite number?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

with cocoa leaves around the border sweetness sings from every corner

I'm making a little keepsake/scrapbook for my Ideation & Process class of things that I want to remember when I'm older. I'm not planning on losing my memory, but I think it'll be nice to have this book to look back on and see what I was like. I wish my mom would have kept a book like this, because it's always so much fun to see old photos and interests of those who lived in a different time than yourself.
The above picture is the cover, and I have 6 pages so far. I think I'll start including a page each post here ...or you could cheat and view my flickr, where I've already uploaded some of the pages I have.

Do you keepsake? What do you like to keep?

Thursday, September 10, 2009


taken with a pentax k1000 with kodak portra nc film.

day dream

i've been forgetting to mention my interview on this lovely site.
Taylor, the girl who interviewed me and created the site, is so so sweet and inspiring.
Her site's moto is "find beauty in everything" and encourages young girls not to conform
to what the world says is beautiful and to find beauty in yourself.
Be sure to check it out for fashion, art, and more interviews!